Chateau Palmer 2008

Chateau Palmer
El estilo Palmer es el de un Gran Margaux. Son muchos quienes pensamos que el nivel y la regularidad que ha demostrado en los últimos años lo pone más a la altura de un Deuxieme Cru Classé (y un super segundo, nada menos), que de un Troisieme. Son pocas la propiedades en Margaux que puedan presumir de la raza, la carnosidad y la estructura que Palmer tiene año tras año.


(Google Translation) Chateau Palmer has 52 hectares of vineyard in which Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are represented equally, to which a small proportion of Petit Verdot is added. Vinification is conducted in frustoconical stainless steel tanks, by variety, microplot microplot. After assembly, wine matures in Bordeaux barrels for about 20 months racked every three months. The wine is not filtered but clarified with egg white. The Palmer style is a great Margaux. There are many who think that the level and consistency he has shown in recent years put as the height of a Deuxieme Cru Classé (and a second Super, nothing less) than a Troisieme. The few properties that can boast Margaux race, meatiness and structure that Palmer has year after year. Of course there are few properties whose vineyards are in the good part of the D2 road (between the road and the Garonne), such as Chateau Palmer.

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Chateau Palmer
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